Mental Health Student Internships Fall 2024

We are looking for a mental health student intern for the Fall of 2024. Students can be seeking their Master’s in the mental health field, before pursuing licensure in LMFT. Please send a resume and cover letter to Gail Yost. 

Details on internship:

  • The internship will allow an intern to receive anywhere from 10 up to 20 hours per week. It will last a minimum of 9 months, with opportunity for up to 1 year.
  • Based on your school’s requirements for supervision, you will be assigned a supervisor and be able to get supervision hours on site.
  • This internship allows for an intern to gain experience with some private practice, group work, individual, couple and family counseling as well as administrative/clerical work required by therapists.
  • Hours will be during the days and evenings and possible Saturdays, based on the availability of the intern and clients supportive of shadowing.
  • This internship can be flexible as long as all requirements that need to be made for the school’s criteria as well as Gail Yost and Associates criteria and your school are being met. Hours may vary based on clients, intern availability etc.

Supervisor for Fall, 2024:  Gail Yost, MA, LMFT

COVID-19 Update

We at Gail Yost and Associates (GYA) want our clients and therapists to be healthy and safe. With that in mind, we have been responding to the evolving situation by following CDC guidance for providing our services to you. This includes preventative measures related to in-office visits.

*Please join us in doing what is recommended to minimize risk.

*We ask that if you are sick and/or have been exposed to COVID-19 that you call to reschedule your in-office appointments

*We have asked that our therapists not come into the office if they are sick. You will receive a phone call to cancel and reschedule your appointment if your therapist is sick. 

*Therapists are doing extra cleaning of frequently touched hard surfaces.

*If our waiting area has more people in the space than prudent in regards to social distancing, please cooperate with your therapist’s suggestions of alternative places to wait for your appointment.

*Please cover your cough or sneeze and wash your hands as needed.*We have contingency plans in place to be able to provide continuity of service to our clients should in-office services be temporarily inadvisable. We will continue to provide in-office sessions unless it becomes inadvisable to do so.