In Support to End Systemic Racism

At this time of pain in America, we are witnessing unprecedented widespread protests. The generational trauma that has plagued our country dating back to 1896, of systemic racial and social injustice of the African American/Black/Brown population has given rise to the current social justice movement.

As mental health professionals, the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd, and the ensuing civil unrest around the world should be an awakening. Each of us must recognize and examine our own implicit biases. We must not pretend that we are without bias, but rather question the extent to which that bias so easily and effectively informs our attitudes, conduct and perspectives. Further, we must seek to better inform ourselves regarding the critical issues we are now being demanded to face.

In order to better serve our clients of color, we must recognize that racial diversity means more than the color of one’s skin. Just as “white privilege” is real, so too is the “underprivilege” that accompanies skin color. If we are to effectively serve our diverse clientele, we must at least admit to the existence of an American caste system and the traumatic effects of being born a person of color and ascribed to the lowest caste. This is also reflected in how COVID-19 has impacted the Black community and its vulnerability to COVID-19 due to systematic economic deprivation and discrimination in access to housing and healthcare.

As an organization comprised of mental health professionals, Gail Yost and Associates (GYA) is committed to addressing trauma, abuse, and adverse life experiences and to purposefully identify, discuss, examine, and challenge issues of race and oppression. It is only through owning our stories and how our white privilege has distorted our understanding of power, culture, and opportunity that we can change because Black Lives Matter. 

COVID-19 Update

We at Gail Yost and Associates (GYA) want our clients and therapists to be healthy and safe. With that in mind, we have been responding to the evolving situation by following CDC guidance for providing our services to you. This includes preventative measures related to in-office visits.

*Please join us in doing what is recommended to minimize risk.

*We ask that if you are sick and/or have been exposed to COVID-19 that you call to reschedule your in-office appointments

*We have asked that our therapists not come into the office if they are sick. You will receive a phone call to cancel and reschedule your appointment if your therapist is sick. 

*Therapists are doing extra cleaning of frequently touched hard surfaces.

*If our waiting area has more people in the space than prudent in regards to social distancing, please cooperate with your therapist’s suggestions of alternative places to wait for your appointment.

*Please cover your cough or sneeze and wash your hands as needed.*We have contingency plans in place to be able to provide continuity of service to our clients should in-office services be temporarily inadvisable. We will continue to provide in-office sessions unless it becomes inadvisable to do so.